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onica.in Inc is a leading online retailer in India & world fastest growing ecommerce Technology Company. onica.in offers cloud based ecommerce platform service in B2C and B2B verticals and is recognized globally for its innovative approach towards delivering business values and responsive to changing customer needs. The company believes in empowering every individual and business in the retail value chain by providing affordable technology to solve large scale business problems. Today, onica.in is a trusted name in retail and technology platform services and a partner of choice for global business.

onica.in BUSINESSES onica.in Retail Platform: onica.in.com onica.in retail platform offers millions of unique product selection at attractive price. Customers can make best selection from wide range of products across more than 46 category stores like Mobile & Tablet, Books & Magazines, Computers & Accessories, Electronics, Gifts, Cameras, Fashion & Accessories, Home & Kitchen, Baby care & Toys, Music, Movie & Posters, Health & Fitness, Auto Accessories, under the URL www.onica.in.com